Grace Bailey: Counselor


As a military kid, Grace grew up everywhere. She currently attends Auburn University and is majoring in Elementary Education. She is so excited to see how the Lord uses Ridge Haven to work in the hearts of the campers and staff members, including herself. She is also very excited to get to know and have fun alongside the many campers that she will get to meet this summer.   Her favorite snack on a hike is trail mix, because she doesn’t think you can go wrong with it. Her freshman roommate Anna has had the biggest impact on her, especially this year— showing Grace what it means to love and serve those you are in proximity to. She constantly reminds her of what a godly friendship looks like and it is such a joy for Grace to grow alongside her.  She hopes her campers leave with a refreshed love for the Lord. That was something that she always left camps with and it made her full of joy in the Lord during the weeks following. She also hopes campers make memories learning about the Lord and having fun alongside new friends.    

Shelby Brooks: Counselor


A nursing student from Charleston, SC, Shelby is most excited this summer about showing young girls how much Jesus loves them and teaching them about all the strong, Godly women in the bible. Her father has had the biggest impact on her life through encouraging her in everything she does and showing her a great example of how to live a life devoted to Christ! Her favorite book is ‘Anne of Greene Gables.’ She served for two years at Ridge Haven as a CSI. Her favorite game to play at camp is “Mission Impossible” and her favorite place at Ridge Haven is the timber frame at the lake. She describes Ridge Haven in three words as a place full of love, joy, and excitement! 

Grace Buckley: Counselor


Coming from Overland Park, Kansas, Grace currently attends Johnson County Community College and is still trying to figure out what her major is going to be. She’s excited to create new relationships with kids and RH staff while spending time in a beautiful state! She loves the game “Telestrations” - partly because creativativity is involved. It’s a drawing/guessing game that always makes Grace laugh. Growing up, her favorite book was “The Penderwicks” by Jeanne Birdsall. She’s read that series so many times and still loves it! Her soundtrack for the summer is either “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” by Tears For Fears or “Knock Me Off My Feet” by SOAK. She has a very eclectic music taste, so she can’t just choose one album. She hopes to have a good connection with her campers and hopes that they genuinely enjoy their time at camp and are impacted by Christ’s love for them and the joy in serving the Lord.

Alex Basiliere: Operations


Alex is from Mcfarland, Wisconsin and currently attends the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. If you asked him for his favorite snack on a hike, he would answer with Fresh Tomatoes! His favorite book is the Bible. His father had quite an influence on him as the Lord used his father to speak the truth of the Gospel to Alex and lead him in to the reformed faith! His pastor has also had quite an impact on him through guiding him in the right direction for his faith. He hopes the campers will be able to see the peace and glory of the living God!

Mark Britt: Counselor


From Lamar, SC, Mark Britt now attends Francis Marion University where he is pursuing a degree in Industrial Engineering. He attended Ridge Haven as a camper when he was 16, and since then has wanted to return as a counselor. He is most excited about helping kids have fun and working with all the other great staff at Ridge Haven. His favorite game to play at Ridge Haven is Battleball, and his favorite book is Pride and Prejudice. He wants all of his campers this summer to know Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Lily Gerrell: Counselor


From Gainesville, Georgia, Lily Gerrell currently attends the University of Georgia where she is currently majoring in Hospitality and Food Industry Management. This is Lily’s seventh summer coming to camp and her fourth on staff. Lily is excited to serve in a new role and get to interact with campers more. Her favorite game to play is our camp classic Mission Impossible, and her favorite snack on a hike is Trail Mix. The soundtrack to her summer will be the new Jonas Brothers album that comes out in June!! Her favorite place at Ridge Haven is the Big Ball Field because of all the memories that have been made there. When asked to describe Ridge Haven in three words, Lily would say beautiful, community, and adventure. 

Kelsey Greene: Counselor


Kelsey very excited to be joining us here at Ridge Haven for her first summer (whoop, whoop)! She is studying Biomedical Science at Auburn University. For her first summer, Kelsey is super pumped to make the greatest new friends and to experience God’s goodness in a new environment with each of her campers. Her favorite snack while out hiking is granola bars, and the soundtrack to her summer is the song ‘New Light’ by John Mayer. This summer, Kelsey hopes that her campers learn how fun praising and worshiping Jesus can be, and what a free life with Him feels and looks like. 

Jacob Harding: Counselor


This is Jacob’s first year at Ridge Haven. This summer he is excited about spending time outdoors. His favorite game to play is Apples to Apples. His go-to snack on a hike is a granola bar. His favorite book is The Mortification of Sin by John Owen. The song which will be the soundtrack of his summer is September by Earth, Wind and Fire. His best friend Hunter has had the greatest impact on his life— showing what it means to love Christ and to pursue holiness. He hopes his campers can see the greatness of Christ and that they can learn what it means to live for Him. 

Katy Morgan: Counselor


Katy attended Ridge Haven as a camper for four years when she was in fifth to eighth grade. She attends Anderson University where she is studying Nursing. Katy is excited to spend the summer in God’s creation while building new friendships and being enriched in the Holy Spirit. When she’s hiking she loves to snack on almonds and chocolate cliff bars. Her favorite novel is Jane Eyre, and the soundtrack of her summer is Hozier’s album ‘Wasteland, Baby!’ Her sister has made the biggest impact on her life because of her sister’s constant encouragement, work ethic, and strong values. 


Grace Ragland: Counselor

Coming in for her first year ever at Ridge Haven, Grace is originally from Birmingham, AL. She is majoring in Dance and minoring in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science at Belhaven University. This summer, Grace is most excited to learn more about what it looks like to be the hands and feet of Jesus and to form relationships with her campers! Her all-time favorite books are The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. Her two favorite songs for this summer are ‘There Will be Time’ by Mumford and Sons and ‘Raise a Hallelujah’ by Bethel Music. Grace hopes that her campers leave this summer feeling loved and valued while at camp, that they experience the love and joy of Jesus, and that they find a new love for his creation while at camp. 

Holly Smith: Counselor


Holly is a Public Relations major at the University of Georgia, and is from Statesboro, GA. She has attended Ridge Haven 3 times as a camper. She is most excited to get to know all of the awesome campers that come to camp. She loves to play volleyball —she played during middle and high school and loved every minute of it. The song that is the theme of her summer is “All For One” off of the High School Musical 2 Soundtrack. She hopes that the campers make a lot of good memories and learn that they can be confident in who they are because they were fearfully and wonderfully made by our Lord and Savior.

Ethan Sullivan: Counselor


From his hometown of Bartow, FL, Ethan attends Southeastern University where he majors in Sports Management. This is his first year at Ridge Haven, and he hopes to have the opportunity to help kids to come to a better understanding of the Gospel while giving them something to remember for the rest of their life. If you asked for his favorite game, he would be torn between these three games: Scattegories, Boggle or Bananagrams. His go-to hiking snack is granola bars, and his favorite book is Skyriders by Christopher Hopper. 


Alysse Tarantino: Counselor

This is Alysse’s first year at Ridge Haven, and she is so excited to meet amazing campers and counselors while learning more about serving the Lord. Her favorite games to play are “Signs” and “Picture Telephone”! While on a hike, Alysse loves trail mix and chocolate chip cookies. The soundtrack to her summer will be “Step by Step” by Whitney Houston. Her parents have taught her about what it means to love the Lord and others. She hopes her campers come away from camp resting in God’s love for them and know that they are cherished and valued. 

Anna Wood: Counselor


Originally from Knoxville, TN, Anna will be joining us for her first summer at Ridge Haven this year! She is currently studying sociology at Samford University. She is so excited about meeting and getting to know all of the different campers this summer. Out on a hike, Anna’s favorite snack is a cliff bar. Her favorite book is ‘The Secret Adversary’ by Agatha Christie. The soundtrack to Anna’s summer is Brand New by Thomas Rhett. She is so excited to be joining us this summer to make wonderful memories while serving the Lord! 

Katie Boesl: Infirmary Staff


This summer is Katie’s first time at Ridge Haven. She attends Biola University, where she is pursuing a degree in Nursing. She is really excited to explore a place she has never been, and even more excited to get to know her fellow staff members and campers! Her favorite card game is called Nerts- a really fast and crazy game that is played at any and all family reunions in her family. There are often eight or nine of her cousins standing around a long dining room table reaching over the table and throwing cards. Her favorite hike snacks are peanut m&ms, or any sweet and salty trail mix. She finds the mix of sweet and salty to be re-energizing, and simply delicious. She loves reading and has had so many favorite books, including The Lord of the Rings Trilogy! More recently though, the book that has impacted her the most is A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. One of the people who has greatly impacted Katie is her grandmother. She has shown her what it means to have faith and to continue to pursue Christ even when life and situations are terrible and difficult. She has been extremely supportive of Katy and prays each and everyday for all of her grandchildren.

Jonathan Britt: Counselor Director


Jonathan is from Lamar, SC and attends Francis Marion University, where he is pursuing a degree in Mathematics. He has been a counselor one summer and a counselor director during winter camp. He is most excited about serving Christ and helping to point counselors and campers to Him! Jonathan’s favorite game at Ridge Haven by far is Battleball, and his favorite book is Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens. Aside from his parents, the person who has had the greatest impact on his life is his Uncle, who taught him how to step outside of his comfort zone. Jonathan’s favorite place at Ridge Haven is Keyes Summit! He finds Ridge Haven unique because it has an amazing, Christ-centered staff who create a community and environment where the gospel can flow in a way that benefits campers and staff. It's also super fun and it is in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains!

Calvin Brown


Calvin Brown has been attending Ridge Haven since 2015! The soundtrack for his summer is Mac Demarco’s album “Salad Days,” and his favorite book is ‘The Road’ by Cormac McCarthy. His favorite game to play at camp is Bubble Soccer and his favorite place at Ridge Haven is High Falls. Calvin believes that Ridge Haven is unique because campers can be themselves in an environment where they will be accepted; instead of an environment that promotes desires of the flesh, Ridge Haven is an environment that is filled with people that will encourage you to grow in your walk with Christ. 

Katherine Godwin


Katherine Godwin is a Business Administration & Economics major from Atlanta, GA and is studying at Wheaton College. She is very excited to meet and serve all the campers this summer, and believes that God has a purpose for each member of the Ridge Haven community. She loves any and ALL card games, but her all time favorite two are Spoons and Rummy! Her favorite trail snack is Cashews and her summer soundtrack will be any sort of country music. Katherine hopes that all of her campers leave Ridge Haven with a deeper understanding of their identity in Jesus and His work on the cross, and that they begin to have a closer relationship with Him. She believes that camp is a time for all to see the freedom in Christ and to grow in intimacy with him. 

Sam Herrington: Operations

From Philadelphia, Mississippi, Sam currently attends Itawamba Community College where he is majoring in Nursing. This is his second year at Ridge Haven, and he is excited to meet new people this summer. His parents have made the biggest impact on him, and he wants campers to take away the love of Jesus this summer. Ridge Haven is unique to Sam because of the social structure of camp. His favorite Ridge haven game is Juggernaut, has favorite place on campus is Keye’s Summit, and his favorite trail snack is Cheez-its. His favorite book is The Lord of the Rings. Sam describes Ridge Haven in three words as togetherness, praise, and love. 

Travis Hutchinson: Camp Director


From Chattanooga, TN, Travis Hutchinson graduated from Covenant College with a degree in Economics. This will be his third summer at Ridge Haven. His favorite Ridge Haven game is Turf Challenge. His favorite snack is his own thoughts (‘cause he chews on them, get it)? His favorite book is The Social Animal by David Brooks, and he hopes this summer will provide campers with a week away from life’s stressors (school, electronics, difficult situations, etc.), which can be profoundly rejuvenating for the soul. He would describe Ridge Haven in three words as serene, refreshing, and rewarding. 

Liz Lucas: Operations


Originally from Hattiesburg, MS, Elizabeth is a ten-year veteran of Ridge Haven and is returning this summer for her fourth year on staff. She studies at Mississippi State University, majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in German and music. Her favorite book is ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ by Madeline L’Engle. Her favorite game to play at camp is Mission Impossible and her favorite snack out on a hike is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Elizabeth’s favorite place at Ridge Haven is Inspiration Point. She hopes that each of her campers leave this summer with the knowledge that there are places in the world where they can share their beliefs and will be loved and accepted in a Christ like way, and to love one another.  

Adrianne Thackery: Operations


Adrianne has served one year at Ridge Haven before now and attended weekend retreats at camp with her youth group as a child. She is from Clemson, SC, and is studying Environmental Sciences at Wofford College. The soundtrack to her summer is Rhymes and Reasons by John Denver. Her mother has had the greatest impact on her life by showing her how to understand and love others and instilling in her values of selflessness and service. Adrianne describes Ridge Haven in three words as vibrant, encouraging, and inspiring. This summer, Adrianne hopes that campers have fun, make friends, try new things, and leave camp with a greater love for God’s kingdom and with a personal relationship with Him. 


Spencer Atchison: Counselor

This is Spencer’s first summer on staff at Ridge Haven after a few years as a camper in high school. Spencer is a rising Sophomore at North Carolina State University where he majors in Political Science. He is involved in RUF and Army ROTC.


Caroline Fender: Counselor


Jonathan Horne: Counselor


Elliot Mattix: Counselor


Sawyer Norman: Counselor/ Operations

Sawyer is from Greenville, SC and is joining us at Ridge Haven for the first time! He loves to play Soccer and Halo. WHen he goes out for a hike, he always makes sure to bring an apple with him and his favorite book is “Blue Like Jazz”. He hopes that all of his campers know at the end of the camp week that they are loved by Jesus.


Will Thomas Sheffield: Counselor


Amy Allen: Operations

Amy is on staff for the first time this summer after coming to Ridge Haven as a camper in Middle School. She is from Clover, SC and attends Converse College where she majors in Musical Theater, and she is also on the Converse Lacrosse team. Amy is most excited about swimming and worshiping while at camp this summer! The album of her summer is “The Greatest Showman”. The people who have made the greatest impact on her life are her parents, who have both given her the gift of the gospel from a young age.


David Milling: Counselor

David has been a camper with us for 5 years and we are excited to welcome him to his first year on our summer staff! He is from Florence, SC where he attends Florence Darlington Technical College and majors in Mechanical Engineering. He loves Gaga ball, M&Ms, and the Hobbit. His favorite summer song is “S.I.M.P.” from Phineas and Ferb. David is most excited for his campers to leave Ridge Haven with a stronger relationship with God!