Robeson Hall

As Ridge Haven's largest meeting room, Robeson Hall is ideal for large groups. A/V equipment is available upon request. This meeting room is for adults only.

Capacity: 350 People

Price: $300 per day for meetings

Additional $200 for special events

Averett Lounges

Three lounges are available for use in the Averett building. Each of these lounges offers a kitchenette, cable TV, tables, chairs, and comfortable couches; two of these lounges have fireplaces. The Averett lounges are great for medium and small groups.


90's: 60

80's: 30

70's: 40

Azalea Lounge

Located in the Azalea Lodge, this lounge has space for up to 30 people and features a fireplace, satellite TV, and mini fridge.

Capacity: 30 people

Cassels & Laurel Lounges

As part of the Cassels and Laurel Cluster Lodges, each lounge has space for about 30 people to meet. The Cassels lounge includes a ping pong table.

Capacity: 30 People per Lounge

RH is a place set apart from the world of car pools, deadlines, and ‘what’s for dinner?’. It is a respite, a renewal of your true spirit infused with God’s creation in all of its splendor. Listen carefully enough and you may hear God whispering to your heart as never before. Once you come to RH, it will always be a part of your life.
— Roy L.