Activities at Ridge Haven Cono

Cono Slip N Slide Full Group.jpg

Mt. Cono Slip ‘N Slide

We made a Slip ‘N Slide of epic proportions to cool down on a hot summer day

Cono GaGa.jpg

GaGa Ball

Arena dodge ball -- and an undeniable camper favorite

Ridgehaven2017-Night Games-0201.jpg

Greatest Game Ever Played

A crazy chaos game requiring all participants to tap into their silliest side



Team work is required in this version of Giant ball volleyball

Cono Student Center Talent Show.jpg

Talent Show

Campers get some stage time at the end of camp to display hidden talents — or share a funny skit

Cono Mission Impossible.jpg

Mission Impossible

Campers try to outrun and outwit the Ridge Haven staff to get their order stamped and return to base without getting tagged

Cono Razz.jpg


Protect your flags while collecting more "gold" than the other team

Cono Battleball.jpg


Ultimate dodgeball

Ridgehaven2017-Big Ball Field-0097.jpg

Meadow Classic

A unique collection of relay races and team building games

RIDGEHAVEN Quarter Life Retreat-ridgehaven quarter life-0276.jpg


It wouldn't be camp without stories and s'mores


Hoedown Party

Get ready to learn some great dance moves at the end of the week party

Cono Crab Soccer.jpg

And Many More!

Including Capture the Flag, Kickball, Flag Football, Volleyball, Floor Hockey and Soccer