Pray for Ridge Haven










Prayer is such a powerful gift from God. Will you join us in praying for Ridge Haven and its ministry? We would greatly appreciate it. Here are some suggestions on what to pray for:

  • Ridge Haven’s primary goal has always been for all campers and guests who come here to leave knowing Jesus Christ better than before they came. Pray that if it be His will, the Lord will continue to work through Ridge Haven to lead hearts to Christ.
  • There are so many youth out there in desperate need of hearing the gospel. Pray that Ridge Haven will always have the resources necessary to bring those with financial limitations to camp on scholarship.
  • Ridge Haven’s summer staff and speakers are the foundations of our camp ministry. Pray that they will set a godly example and be a shining light of the Lord’s love for the campers.
  • Praise God for sparking greatly increased interest in Ridge Haven in recent years. Ask that He will continue to open the eyes of more churches and groups to Ridge Haven’s camp and year-round retreat ministries.
  • Pray for the residents of the Ridge Haven community, some of whom are retired and face health challenges. Ask that the Lord may grant them the wellness and strength to continue serving Him.