Q. Can non-PCA churches enjoy Ridge Haven?

A. While Ridge Haven is affiliated with the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America), we welcome all denominations of churches and groups. We do not impose PCA theology on visitors. However, our summer camp speakers do hold the beliefs and values of the PCA.


Q. Does Ridge Haven lots have water access?

A. Yes, all Ridge Haven lots have water available. Residents may drill their own wells or for a modest fee tap into the Ridge Haven community water system.


Q. What is the sewage disposal system available to homeowners?

A. The only sewage disposal system available to Ridge Haven homeowners is a septic system.


Q. How accessible is electric utility to lots and homeowners?

A. Service is virtually available and present to all lots.


Q. How close are emergency medical and fire services?

A. Both emergency medical technician and fire service units are available within minutes via our local 911 service. Both kinds of units have stations in Rosman about five miles from Ridge Haven. In addition, both medical and fire "first responders" are only minutes away.


Q. How close is the nearest hospital?

A. The nearest hospital, Transylvania Community Hospital, is located in Brevard, less than 25 minutes from Ridge Haven. TCH is a full-service hospital with a 24-hour ER. In addition, Brevard EMT service operates a fully equipped cardiac transport unit.


Q. How close is the nearest shopping?

A. Major chain grocery stores, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, fast food, and other restaurants are located in Brevard approximately 12 miles away.


Q. How close are airline services?

A. The nearest airline services are provided at the Asheville Regional Airport approximately 45 minutes from Ridge Haven. The Greenville-Spartanburg Airport is located about 75 minutes from Ridge Haven.