Camp Discounts & Special Pricing

Take advantage of the following discounts* for our Summer Camps! Once you've registered, please notify our office toll free at 877-862-3916 and the appropriate discounts will be applied manually:

  • First-Time Campers:
    Campers attending Ridge Haven for the first time receive a $25 discount.
  • Youth Groups:
    Youth groups who opt to be accompanied by their leaders receive $150 off per camper (no other discounts apply). A minimum of six campers is required. We request that groups with male campers bring at least one male leader and groups with female campers bring at least one female leader. One leader per eight to ten campers is the recommended ratio. Ridge Haven summer staff are available to assist.
  • Families with Multiple Children:
    • 2nd child - $50 discount
    • 3rd child - $75 discount
    • 4th child - $100 discount
  • Bring a Friend:
    Returning campers who bring a friend that is a first-time Ridge Haven camper receive the following discounts:
    • Bring one friend: $50 discount
    • Bring two friends: $75 discount
    • Bring three friends: $100 discount
  • American Heritage Girls:
    Please call us at 877-862-3916 for individual chapter discounts.
"My campers all came back with not just a willingness but a true desire to talk about their faith and share it with others." - Camp Parent

* Note: Some discounts do not apply to already discounted weeks. See the individual camps for exceptions.